World's first NFT to compose with
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Composable NFTs
On-chain NFTs combine art and technology. Use our NFT as an open canvas to design your one-of-a-kind poker. You can choose over 300+ hand-drawn traits to compose cards and/or integrate your own NFTs at the center of the cards and create higher rarity assets.
Key Features
100% Onchain

Unlike the traditional NFTs that use centralized servers or IPFS to host content, the Onchain Shufflers store all images and metadata on the Ethereum blockchain. This is possible as the NFT parts are compressed and stored on-chain using a custom run-length encoding (RLE), a form of lossless compression used in

Social Hub

Due to the composable mechanism of our NFT, the Onchain Shufflers community is deeply connected with other NFT projects. Leveraging a variety of events, shows, social parties, and contests, we want to create a social hub for different NFT communities to socialize and collaborate.


A ground-breaking feature of the Onchain Shufflers is to allow the integration of 3rd-party NFTs onto the center of Onchain Shuffler poker cards: our smart contract fetches base64-encoded image data from 3rd-party NFTs and dynamically decodes and renders a 3rd-party image on the center of a poker card, making it 100% onchain.
We adopted an onchain finite state machine (FSM) and handwritten inline assembly to enable complex decode operations under the constraints of the Ethereum gas limit.

Public domain (CC0)

Onchain Shufflers artwork is public domain (CC0). CC0 licenses allow copyright owners to release their works without restriction. Public domain works are either expired CC0 licenses, or work originally released with no restrictions.

What’s Next?


Merch (that you actually want to wear)


Designed exclusively for our members by our talented artist, the first rounds of merch drops will arrive very soon after mint.


More Epic NFTs will be integrable SOON

[Project Collaborations]

Upcoming collaborations include epic projects like Moonbirds, CrypToadz, Lil Nouns, CryptoDickbutts, etc.


Pop up in your city!

[City Pop Ups]

Pop up shows at the hearts of the major cities including Instagrammable shows and interactive installations to radiate the Shufflers’ passion to the world!


Shuffle your NFT & Double its value

[Chip Collection]

Every creation made with the Onchain Shufflers generates a certain amount of chips. The more chips you collect, the bigger the prize you can expect!


We help you check off your bucket list

[VIP Experience]

Exclusive chances to win incredible experiences including reserved seats for NBA/NFL games, gaming with e-sport professionals, backstage at New York Fashion Week.


Grand party in Vegas

[Annual Meetups]

The biggest meetup of the year with parties, games, and shows. Meet your fellow club members on the big day!


Let’s shuffle the NFT world!

[Unlocking Roadmap 2.0]

The Online Shufflers NFT is not the destination. We look forward to bringing you more collections from the Shufflers’ universe.


What is the Onchain Shufflers?

The Onchain Shufflers is the world’s first 100% composable on-chain NFT collection on Ethereum. We are here to shuffle the world by disrupting the norm and bringing in groundbreaking innovations. In the shufflers' club, holders from various NFT communities can meet, engage, and build the next generation of greatness. We want to give members access to exclusive social networks and benefits, opening the door to a brand-new social experience in the crypto world.

Where are the Onchain Shufflers NFTs stored?

All image data and attribute metadata are stored 100% on-chain.

How many traits do you have?

You can choose from 300+ hand-drawn traits that are inspired by 8-bit video games.

How are the Onchain Shufflers' NFTs generated?

Traits metadata is randomly generated before mint and the metadata hash is uploaded on-chain before mint. Upon reveal, the metadata generated previously will be published on-chain and can be used to verify against the metadata hash for data integrity. NFT IDs are determined via verifiable random function upon reveal.

What rights do I have to the artwork?

You are free to do whatever you want with your Onchain Shufflers NFTs.

I want to help, what can I do?

We are inspired by the DAO spirit, so any contribution is highly appreciated. Tell your friends about us on Twitter, Discord, and other social media platforms. If you have specific ideas or plans, you can also send us an email at